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Automate Access Reports, Queries, Macros & more daily, weekly, monthly etc.
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7 October 2008

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Reports, Queries, Macros form Access databases can be generated automatically based on schedules. Same can be reported through e-mail, fax, FTP, a specified folder or even a text message to a designated manager. Report formats supported are Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, RTF etc.

Pros: The MARS is an application that is a combined report generator and a mailer. It works on MS Access only though. Reports, queries, macros & tasks can be scheduled by MARS. Results of these outputs could be in any of the specified formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, RTF etc. A single report or a bunch of them (a package) could be scheduled. Scheduled could be a regular, daily, weekly, monthly style or even an irregular one like the third Friday of every month. Another way of scheduling is based on events, such as when something changes, something unusual happens and so on. The schedule can be repeated multiple times on the same day too.

Once schedule are triggered other actions can be carried out beyond generating reports. Actions such as modifying a file, updating a database etc could be carried out too.

Other major part of the functionality available is actually transmitting the reports to an authorized recipient. This can be via e-mail, fax, FTP or even text messages/SMS’s via the cell phones. E-mail options are via the Outlook or directly by MARS vial couple of SMTP options.

The user interface has the options laid out around the main display area. Files are displayed in an explorer like tree structure. There’s a set of icons at the bottom too.

As far as functionalities go, the report generation part could well be handled by any of several report generating programs available. It’s the scheduling and the transmission of reports that add real value to the package. The application is quite heavy for the functionality offered.

The interface also is a little cluttered. The icons at the bottom get zoomed up in a nice way when the mouse is over them but the font& the shadow etc used for their names make them difficult to read.

Overall rating for the application is 4 stars.

Publisher's description

MARS is an application for Windows that saves time and money by making it easy to define single or packages of Access Reports, Queries, Macros & Tasks, schedule and run them automatically, and send them to print, fax, disk, ftp or email in a number of standard formats.
Simply set up a schedule stating how often you would like each report or query to run, whether you'd like the output in Word, Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, text format, and more and who it should be sent to.
Use standard frequencies like Daily, weekly, monthly or set up your own custom frequencies e.g. 4-4-3, every other day, third Monday of the month.
The same report or query can be scheduled to be run multiple times with different parameters, formats, frequencies, and destinations.
Respond to your business needs by setting schedules to run based on events rather than date. With MARS' Event Based Schedules, you can have reports fired off when events occur e.g. database value is present, file is modified, window is present.
Use MARS' unique Dynamic Schedule process to trawl through your database to find the parameter values to use and then generate and deliver a unique report for each value.
Once your schedule has been executed, why stop there? Use MARS' unique Custom Actions to run another program, enter values in a database, modify a file and lots more.
MARS' familiar Explorer-like interface makes it easy to define and schedule report packages.
The context (right-click) menus and full copy-and-paste support make it easy to create complex distribution schedules.
The scheduling service runs as a desktop application, or as an NT service. It will integrate with Exchange Server 5 (SP4) and above (2000 and 2003) or SMTP.
Whether you're spending too much time running and distributing Access reports or query output to line managers, or you need to provide corporate management with tailored reports on a regular schedule, MARS gives you the tools that you need.
Version 5.6
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